Arrested Texas Realtor On Capitol Riot: I Have No Guilt In My Heart

Dallas-area real estate agent Jenna Ryan, who live-streamed herself entering the Capitol with a mob of other supporters of President Donald Trump and was arrested by the FBI, expressed no regrets about participating, saying she committed no crimes in an interview with NBC News on Monday.

“I have no guilt in my heart,” said Ryan, 50, who is also a life coach and radio host. “My intention was not to have a riot. I did not want to have a riot.”

Ryan, who said she loves Trump and believes that the election was riddled with fraud, added that “I’m glad I was there. Because I witnessed history. And I’ll never get the chance to do that again … No one will probably ever be able to go near [the Capitol] again.”

She said that she and others flew from Dallas to the rally because “President Trump requested that we be in D.C. on the 6th. So this was our way of going and stopping the steal.”

In court papers, prosecutors said a Facebook live video taken by Ryan — that was captured prior to deletion and reposted to YouTube — shows her entering the Capitol saying, “We’re going to … go in here. Life or death. It doesn’t matter. Here we go.”

Ryan posed for a photograph in front of a broken window and posted it on Twitter. “And if the news doesn’t stop lying about us we’re going to come after their studios next.”

When asked about the violent language, Ryan told NBC, “I know my heart was to go there and let my voice be heard, no matter what. And I stood on the steps of the Capitol, and I did what I came to do. “

Author: Brian Freeman

Source: News Max: Arrested Texas Realtor on Capitol Riot: ‘I Have No Guilt in My Heart’

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