Biden’s Budget Bill Contains Massive Amnesty, Immigration Overhauls

President Biden’s radical/woke/leftist dream of a “budget” bill contains a lot of liberal nonsense at a cost of more than three trillion dollars. Among the most consequential provisions within it are major changes to the immigration system in the United States. And because of the reconciliation process being used by Democrat leadership in Congress, most of these provisions will receive little, if any, debate by legislators.

Including mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens — what the Biden budget refers to as “human infrastructure” — the package to be passed via reconciliation also does more than simply “reform” America’s immigration system.

Former Trump aide Stephen Miller called Biden’s budget proposal “the most dramatic immigration rewrite since 1965” and tweeted a thread of excerpts from the gargantuan bill to highlight just a few of the troubling measures aimed at drastically altering America’s immigration policy.

For one, the bill would lift the caps on chain migration — the process by which an immigrant citizen can petition to bring their family members into the United States as well without the usual restrictions on legal immigrants that (like most immigration programs) is susceptible to fraud and abuse.

Biden’s budget would also increase the number of green cards available for issue by calculating every green card that could have been granted but wasn’t since the George H. W. Bush administration and add that number to the quantity of new green cards issued.

And despite Democrat claims that they’re the party of working Americans, Biden’s budget would expand the number of green cards available for foreign workers by again calculating the number of green cards that would have been issued but weren’t since 1992 and adding two decades worth of un-granted green cards to the number available now.

In addition, anyone who applied to come to the U.S. during the Trump administration via the diversity visa lottery but was disallowed due to concerns over terrorism in their home countries or Wuhan coronavirus concerns would be admitted by the Biden budget.

Other restrictions related to visa availability would be mitigated by allowing those with the means to buy their way into the country, and in certain cases without concern for caps if the wait for a green card is more than two years.

These measures contained within Biden’s budget bill deserve to be debated by America’s elected representatives, not slipped into a massive reconciliation scheme to satisfy Democrats’ radical agenda.

America needs immigrants and should welcome those seeking to become a part of the greatest nation on earth. But there needs to be control over and a concrete plan for who, why, and how many immigrants are granted visas or green cards.

Seeking to overhaul America’s legal immigration policy while simultaneously failing to address the illegal immigration crisis Biden created is a nonsensical way to create more problems without solving any.

Author: Spencer Brown

Source: Townhall: Biden’s ‘Budget’ Bill Contains Massive Amnesty

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